Friday, August 24, 2012


     There are a lot of things that I have learned being in derby. A lot of things that I thought I knew and later realized I had no fucking clue. Now, first off I have to say that derby is one hell of a drug. A high that has good times and bad but regardless is a serious addiction that quickly forces its way throughout your entire life and those around you who choose to stick around. I've learned that the people you look up to won't always have your respect and the ones you have disappointed you will go out of your way to take that back. You do everything for your team, your league... Then after a while you start doing it for yourself and that's when you really start to find your place. I remember during try-outs in my interview I told the panel I wanted to be a jammer. LMAO- I learned real quick that where you want to be might not always be what's best for you or your team and once you figure out where you should be you should embrace it and hard. After an epic fail as a jammer I had it in my mind that I needed to be a pivot, I had to like I needed to breath. I was ok but, ok was not good enough and I knew it. So, my capts took a chance and put me as a B3/B2. The pack's beef. Mind you, I'm like 5'8 and 160lbs and I'm one of the bigger girls on my team so I don't see myself as being beefy at all. Lol- This last season I found my place. I'm sad to say that it took until right before the championship game in my second season for me to realize it. I love being the first line of defense. Nothing makes me feel more alive and not because this was where I wanted to be but because this is where I play best and most importantly benefit my team.
     My team. My team is a very interesting and impressive group of bitches. I use the term bitches and not ladies and I use that term for a purpose. They are bad, like bad asses. During try-outs this was not the team I ever imagined myself being on. They were intimidating, fierce, blonde, and gorgeous and that was just the tip of the iceberg. I had my eyes on another team. I heard the draft was happening and I gathered our fresh meat girls to all get together and hit the gym. Slowly but surely cell phones start ringing, girls walk off and return with his strange face that looked like a mix between happiness and constipation but no one said a word. I was with a good friend (now my derby wife) who is now retired. After we both got calls be texted each other and told each other our new home teams. She was a Brawler and I was a Psych Ward Siren. The Siren who called me later said how indifferent I sounded after being welcomed to the Psych Ward. I was shocked. What did this team of type-A personalities want with me? I just could not believe it. Long story short I could not have been happier, now. I would not  be the skater I am today without the relentless land drills, endless sprints, and the intricate discussions of strategy. These bitches are bad and getting badder. And, I love each and very one of them. Funny thing, I am blonde now and fierce ;)
     There is no feeling compared to being on the track and not just any old track. I'm talking about selling out the Verizon (now known as Bayou Music Center) in downtown Houston. That is one hell of a feeling. I still get nervous. The crowd screaming, it's a type of heat you can't even imagine under the lights. You do your intros, equipment check... and it's on. This last game was my first time in history to be in the first pack, ever. No pressure, lol- Everything suddenly goes deaf. I can't hear anything except my teammates and I can't make out anything around me but the opposing jammer. You do work, then the whistle blows. It's those very moments I feel alive. 
     I work a crazy amount of hours at my full-time job and do a side job here and there. I have my kid, Spring Roll who is almost 10 and is a spitting image of me, my wonderful girlfriend you has struggled a bit with sharing me with derby. Though on bout day she is the loudest voice I hear screaming for my team. All the events we have to attend and meeting we have to make. It's crazy and so are all the women who participate but I wouldn't have it any other way. Derby continues to inspire me and help me grow as a person and as a human being. Sirens POR VIDA!!!


  1. Love you Rogue! You are a ass kicking badass!

  2. I love getting to come to Siren practice just to try and hit you hard enough to make you blink... Not move, persay, just blink... Alas, I must keep trying. Keep being the badass we all aspire to be!

    Muhammad Holly